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Tohu liked daylight

Vohu liked night

Tohu liked sunshine

Vohu did not like it so bright

Tohu felt empty

Vohu was formless

Could they play together?

could their differences
be remedied?

Tohu made


Vohu liked quiet

Tohu liked couscous.

Vohu said: 
“Ew! That would cause my stomach to rumble." 

Tohu liked painting.

Vohu did too! 

"Hey, look at that,"
Vohu said: “there’s something we can do.”

Tohu liked watercolor.

Vohu liked sketching.

Tohu said: “Figures!
Your selection's perplexing.” 

one colored

one sketched

one dipped

one etched

“Can I use your purple?” 
Vohu shared from their palette.

"Thanks!" Tohu smiled, 

"Can you please also hand me that..." 


Vohu asked “This?” 

And pointed to that. 

“Thank you.” said Tohu.

"I’ll give it right back."

Vohu and Tohu,
penciled and painted.

Tohu used brushes,

Vohu, was more complicated.

Tohu smeared all their fingers, 
and toes. 

Vohu inhaled. 


And breathed back in through their nose. 

“I am done.” Tohu said, 

"Mine looks perfect." 
They smiled.

Formless & empty

one by one

Flowing wild

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